The Marquis of Granby

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Ghost Hunting with the AITDE Team, Steve Taylor and Steve Brownlee on 10th September 2011

The Marquis of Granby is situated on the Gateshead (Newcastle) road between Sunniside and Lobley Hill. From the outside it looks much like other traditional pubs, warm and welcoming, but it’s history tells tales of a much darker and deadlier past…

The Marquis of Granby Pub was built around 1710, when it would have been used as a coaching Inn. Somewhere to water and rest the horses on long journeys.

It was virtually in this place in 1865 that the body of Joseph Leybourne, a local Father aged 47 was found bludgeoned to death. Bloody rocks were also found close to his body, the perpetrator had obviously used them to smash his head open in a fit of rage. Witnesses that night claim there was an altercation between Joseph and a few other men after they had attended a Flower Show just across the road earlier that day. But no one was ever caught for this hideous crime and Joseph is now said to be one of the possible four spirits that visit the pub and surrounding area on a regular basis. Does Joseph continue to comeback because his spirit can’t rest until they find his murderer?

Jack Bee a notorious thief with a very bad reputation was also supposedly in the area the night that Joseph was murdered, locals said he was in the Marquis the night of the argument. His ghost has also been reported in and around the pub.

Is he reliving that fateful night even now that he is dead?

The Current owners also talk of a ghost of a local lady named Mary, she is often seen and heard all around the premises and seems to be searching for her son, Joseph ( the man who was murdered) She was so stricken with grief after he was killed that it is reported that she died of a broken heart.

The Landlord and Landlady have witnessed many a strange going on from broken crockery, to the jukebox turning itself on in the middle of the night at full volume. They have seen Mary on numerous occasions in the bar area, but have also heard her around the rest of the building. She somehow makes the place feel inviting, a place you would like to sit and stay a while. Not at all the normal creepy on edge feeling you get in most haunted places…

When speaking to some local people recently we learned that there is also a phantom hitch-hiker who gets into people’s cars only to vanish without a trace minutes later and the ghost of a motorcyclist who was supposedly killed after an accident just outside the pub. His ghost appears to be so real that passersby stop to help, only to discover that he has totally disappeared!

I couldn’t however find anything to back these claims up, but too many people have witnessed it to just dismiss it totally.

Well getting onto the Ghost hunt itself, we all enjoyed a meal prepared by the Landlord and Landlady,which was lovely (well worth a visit for a drink and a bite to eat!) then we split up into two teams to do Seances in two different locations. One inside in the back room and one outside in the beer garden, that overlooks the rear of the building towards the road. We were in the group outside, we all congregated under the  gazebo over the BBQ. Using the actual BBQ to place our hands on while taking part in the seance. Spooky noises were heard all around us and everyone was on high alert, as we had been told by Steve that some customers had seen a man leering over the fence at the children playing in the garden. However when they spotted him again later in the day they pulled down the fence thinking it was an actual person watching the kids, but when they tried to pursue him, he disappeared through the hedge. They of course could not as there was a barbed wire fence stopping any solid being from advancing any further…

The strange noises continue, it sounds like something is stalking us, just staying out of view in the dark. We all screamed and ran after one of the team let out a massive shriek after being touched by an unseen force. A few of us even witnessed a strange mist like apparition forming in the beer garden near the pulled down fence panel. I was so gobsmacked I just stared, not even thinking to run away and I swear it looked like the side on view of a man’s torso. No legs were visible, but it was so weird, it was very pale grey when everything else was in total darkness. all this happened so quickly  into the investigation and the night had barely begun, which left us wondering what else was in store for us…

The Ouija board also told of the four ghosts that seemingly haunt the bar area and garden. we also did Transfiguration, which was a little freaky as you could see people faces morphing into different people’s faces. When I did it, I also got the sense of a man shouting in my head to get out of the pub and not just the kind of friendly warning version either!

But one of the most astonishing things that happened was the huge candles in glass jars set into the fireplace re-igniting themselves! How and why? I have no idea, but nearly the whole group witnessed it happen. Firstly we were all commenting on how strong the candle wax smell was in the room, so much so that we wondered about checking to make sure they were all extinguished. Which of course they all were as they had been put out well over and hour and half previously. Then we all stopped after hearing a funny sort of popping and sizzling sound, by now it was almost purring like a cat. We traced it back to one of the candle in the fireplace but didn’t touch it, it then started to glow getting brighter and brighter, till it eventually lit itself fully, scaring the absolute bejesus out of us all in the process. Well this didn’t just happen once the other candle soon started the same process until it too was fully lit. We had no explanation for it then and we still don’t now. If it had just been the one, we may well of dismissed it but two we definitely couldn’t explain!

So all in all The Marquis of Granby was a lovely place to do an investigation at, even though it was small than most places we have done, it was however in my mind and probably most of the other Ghost Hunters too very active!

So just remember next time you are there in for a drink or one of their gorgeous meals, keep your eye out for one of their ghosts, you may well just see or experience one while you are sitting there!

Also take a few minutes to read the board on the front of the pub, it tells you a little bit of the history of The Marquis of Granby.

Demon Chick xx


Top 10 Prison Movies/TV Shows

Whilst planning a trip to America and going about the usual boring “must do’s” from the list, I got around to booking some transport through Florida Car Hire and as usual my mind deviated to the more fun aspects of going on holiday! I was thinking about a few of the touristy things I could do with my family whilst there and it got me checking out one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit… Alcatraz!

I am totally interested – actually fascinated by old spooky places and often enjoy some ghost hunting adventures. So I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to visit this remote Island Prison.
After all, it is supposedly an inescapable and rocky fortress which is sitting proud in San Fransisco Bay. I’m really looking forward to hearing some of the horrible tales and spooky goings on.



So all of this sparked my imagination and got me remembering some of the things I love including prison TV shows and movies that I love. There are literally hundreds of Prison related shows and movies ranging from TV dramas and comedies, to real life documentaries. All types of big and small budget movies, which range from true life stories of Prison and great escapes to massive Hollywood blockbusters full of action and explosive scenes.

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Running Of The Bulls Pics (Gore Warning)

The Most famous Running of the Bulls event, is the 7 day Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona. These Bull Running Festivals are not for the under 18’s or the Bull Running Virgin’s as many people are hurt at these events and sometimes even killed by these majestic beasts.

These kinds of cruel Festivals are also practiced in other parts of the World, such as Spain, Portugal, Mexico and even Southern France. The reason this event started many years ago, was the locals then would tease the bulls into chasing them, to move them from the off-site corrals into the Bull Ring, to be killed that evening by Bull Fighters. This soon became a game of how brave you were, with young men jumping and running in front of the bulls. The event soon took shape and soon became the Running of the Bulls.


Bull Running , unlike Bull Fighting is not done by professionals but by amateurs trying to prove how brave they are or how stupid they are in most cases! Every year around 200 to 300 people are injured at these events. Many are simply cause by trips and fall and not that of the horns of a bull at all. But since 1910, 15 people have actually been killed at Pamplona alone!

If there are any animal lovers out there reading this then you will know that generally most people and especially Animals Right groups take a very dim view on this awful practice and are doing everything in their powers to stop or ban these types of events. Not only because it’s dangerous to the people being chased by the bulls (and also the watching public) but because these bulls are subjected to terrible stress before and after these events. Some bulls just like us humans are injured too by slips or falls. Not only have they all this to contend with but that night after the bull running is over they are then made to fight against Bull Fighters where they are injured and killed in front huge crowds of spectators.

I really do not agree with this kind of Torture!

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The Most Elaborate Office Pranks Ever Dared

Pranks are part of the parcel of modern day work life. Mainly because we spend most of our waking hours in stuffy and strict working environments. So it’s no wonder that every so often we have to let off some steam and office pranks seem to be a good way to do it. A little office fun from time to time is fine, as long as we don’t go too far and say superglue a colleague to a desk or something! I think that would be taking things a little too far and if the boss didn’t find these pranks funny, you are going to be in big trouble.

I mean, can you imagine how hard it would be to advertise vacancies in some offices if the people who worked there were constantly uptight, you would have no chance in trying to recruit jobs online, never mind getting anyone to actually stay working there. The same would probably go if pranks went too far or people were constantly singling out one individual to play pranks on, that would be borderline bullying in my eyes! But some of the pranks I’ve managed to find online go way beyond the old TP your desk kind of pranks, they are far more inventive or way more elaborate than that!

As long as they are a little bit of harmless fun, I don’t see the problem with it.

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Top 10 Bizarre Cultural Rites of Passage

The many, many different countries on our earth mean that a vast amount of differing cultures have developed. Each society has set their own  beliefs, superstitions and traditions on how to live. The British are well known for the tradition of getting together on a Sunday for a roast dinner whilst the Americans are more famed for celebrating Independence day which is of course the 4th of July. But the further you venture in to less tourist occupied countries of the world, the weirder the traditions seem to get (at least to most of us anyway). Probably because western influences, believe it or not, haven’t reached or indeed had any impact on the traditions or rituals of some small communities still tucked away in other corners of the earth and they have amazingly survived relatively untouched by today’s technological advances and leaps forward. Hence, some of the traditions followed and openly practiced are dangerous, extremely painful and are certainly crazy sights for us westerners to see today. A hundred or so years ago I’m sure we wouldn’t have flinched much. But be warned, we are now so western that you may find some of these rituals crazy and probably extremely disturbing…

So just remember, the next time that you are looking at train times or getting ready to board an international flight and you perform your very own superstitious routine to ensure you arrive in one piece (i.e. praying to god wearing your lucky underpants or certain coloured shoes, whatever the case may be) that you are actually quite normal in comparison!

So I am about to share with you some rather strange traditions which date back many centuries and generations. Although odd, I am certain that they will continue to practice these rituals that their ancestors followed for much time to come yet despite however bizarre and horrid they are!

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Celebrity Urban Legends

As I was looking at some day trips to France and wondering whether my daughter is now old enough to appreciate Disneyland, I was trying to decide whether to book Disneyland Paris ticketsor not, when I came across something strange on the Internet. As  I was searching for places to go and looking for the best deals, I came across a story about Walt Disney. It was about the owner being frozen after his death and placed in a secret room under Disneyland in Florida. This really did tickle me, as I thought how ridiculous. But I soon discovered that this was a part of something even bigger…urban legends about famous people!

I looked over quite a few different Blogs and websites to discover there was quite a few of these. Ranging from the totally insane, to the believable. Some were totally untrue and you could tell that from the get go, others were just plain silly or even quite nasty. But a few had me on the fence as to whether or not they were totally fact or fiction or indeed a mixture of the two.

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Weirdest Hotels On Earth

For all you people out there that like something, just that little bit different for your hotel stays, this is the place to be! Have a look at some of these weird and wacky hotels, before you book your hotel and go to the same old place that you spend your holidays at, year after year. Why not break the habit!

Train Hotel

Cheap train fares and a room – Source

There is everything from the downright strange to the amazingly beautiful. But all of them have the same thing in common, they won’t fail to impress. Someone had the brilliant vision to create them and the guts to carry them through to completion, which I totally commend. How these people come up with these wacky ideas in the first place, I haven’t a clue but they seem to work. They make perfect business sense by tapping into uncharted territory. By giving us the unusual, which is sometimes what we crave. Obviously the gimmick behind these ventures is that there isn’t anything around like these hotels, which seems to draw us in and it works like a treat. So who are we to knock it!

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