Top 10 Prison Movies/TV Shows

Whilst planning a trip to America and going about the usual boring “must do’s” from the list, I got around to booking some transport through Florida Car Hire and as usual my mind deviated to the more fun aspects of going on holiday! I was thinking about a few of the touristy things I could do with my family whilst there and it got me checking out one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit… Alcatraz!

I am totally interested – actually fascinated by old spooky places and often enjoy some ghost hunting adventures. So I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to visit this remote Island Prison.
After all, it is supposedly an inescapable and rocky fortress which is sitting proud in San Fransisco Bay. I’m really looking forward to hearing some of the horrible tales and spooky goings on.



So all of this sparked my imagination and got me remembering some of the things I love including prison TV shows and movies that I love. There are literally hundreds of Prison related shows and movies ranging from TV dramas and comedies, to real life documentaries. All types of big and small budget movies, which range from true life stories of Prison and great escapes to massive Hollywood blockbusters full of action and explosive scenes.

Read more here…

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