Celebrity Urban Legends

As I was looking at some day trips to France and wondering whether my daughter is now old enough to appreciate Disneyland, I was trying to decide whether to book Disneyland Paris ticketsor not, when I came across something strange on the Internet. As  I was searching for places to go and looking for the best deals, I came across a story about Walt Disney. It was about the owner being frozen after his death and placed in a secret room under Disneyland in Florida. This really did tickle me, as I thought how ridiculous. But I soon discovered that this was a part of something even bigger…urban legends about famous people!

I looked over quite a few different Blogs and websites to discover there was quite a few of these. Ranging from the totally insane, to the believable. Some were totally untrue and you could tell that from the get go, others were just plain silly or even quite nasty. But a few had me on the fence as to whether or not they were totally fact or fiction or indeed a mixture of the two.

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