Running Of The Bulls Pics (Gore Warning)

The Most famous Running of the Bulls event, is the 7 day Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona. These Bull Running Festivals are not for the under 18’s or the Bull Running Virgin’s as many people are hurt at these events and sometimes even killed by these majestic beasts.

These kinds of cruel Festivals are also practiced in other parts of the World, such as Spain, Portugal, Mexico and even Southern France. The reason this event started many years ago, was the locals then would tease the bulls into chasing them, to move them from the off-site corrals into the Bull Ring, to be killed that evening by Bull Fighters. This soon became a game of how brave you were, with young men jumping and running in front of the bulls. The event soon took shape and soon became the Running of the Bulls.


Bull Running , unlike Bull Fighting is not done by professionals but by amateurs trying to prove how brave they are or how stupid they are in most cases! Every year around 200 to 300 people are injured at these events. Many are simply cause by trips and fall and not that of the horns of a bull at all. But since 1910, 15 people have actually been killed at Pamplona alone!

If there are any animal lovers out there reading this then you will know that generally most people and especially Animals Right groups take a very dim view on this awful practice and are doing everything in their powers to stop or ban these types of events. Not only because it’s dangerous to the people being chased by the bulls (and also the watching public) but because these bulls are subjected to terrible stress before and after these events. Some bulls just like us humans are injured too by slips or falls. Not only have they all this to contend with but that night after the bull running is over they are then made to fight against Bull Fighters where they are injured and killed in front huge crowds of spectators.

I really do not agree with this kind of Torture!

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