Top 10 Bizarre Cultural Rites of Passage

The many, many different countries on our earth mean that a vast amount of differing cultures have developed. Each society has set their own  beliefs, superstitions and traditions on how to live. The British are well known for the tradition of getting together on a Sunday for a roast dinner whilst the Americans are more famed for celebrating Independence day which is of course the 4th of July. But the further you venture in to less tourist occupied countries of the world, the weirder the traditions seem to get (at least to most of us anyway). Probably because western influences, believe it or not, haven’t reached or indeed had any impact on the traditions or rituals of some small communities still tucked away in other corners of the earth and they have amazingly survived relatively untouched by today’s technological advances and leaps forward. Hence, some of the traditions followed and openly practiced are dangerous, extremely painful and are certainly crazy sights for us westerners to see today. A hundred or so years ago I’m sure we wouldn’t have flinched much. But be warned, we are now so western that you may find some of these rituals crazy and probably extremely disturbing…

So just remember, the next time that you are looking at train times or getting ready to board an international flight and you perform your very own superstitious routine to ensure you arrive in one piece (i.e. praying to god wearing your lucky underpants or certain coloured shoes, whatever the case may be) that you are actually quite normal in comparison!

So I am about to share with you some rather strange traditions which date back many centuries and generations. Although odd, I am certain that they will continue to practice these rituals that their ancestors followed for much time to come yet despite however bizarre and horrid they are!

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