10 Movies That Blew Up The Most Cars In The Making

When I look at these Movies nowadays with big action scenes, lots of big car chases and of course the total destruction that follows, I cringe…but yes I do enjoy them, maybe not as much as my horror flicks, but I quite often watch them, especially when my hubby and I are into cars.
I myself love cars, especially old muscle cars and love these kinds of Movies, such as XXX with Vin Diesel (yummy !) and Bad Boys starring Will Smith, but the poor cars, these beautiful machines they destroy…all for a few seconds of pleasure. It makes me want to cry !

Bad Boys

These Movies tend to draw in the crowds at the Box Office and do end up making everyone lots of money, but what happens to these battered and broken cars at the end of filming ?
Do these Movie big-wigs ever think of the environmental side of smashing up loads of cars and disposing of the crumpled pile of metal when everything is over ?

I would love to know if they actually use the true cars in the crash scenes or are they just kit cars or specially (cheaply) constructed fakes that they destroy. I have heard that some Movies use a cheap chassis with the correct vehicle shell, which they then adapt and modify to do stunts or of course to blow up etc.

But other ones such as the Bond Movies use freebie cars from the likes of Aston Martin. In Casino Royale, the scene where Bond (Daniel Craig) flips the Aston along the road before being captured and tortured by Le Chiffre, they totalled 3 of these beauties and they weren’t cheap mock ups either. They were the real deal. The sacrifices car manufacturers make for advertising in movies…

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