Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting these days is big business,especially with all these TV shows at the moment like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters (TAPS). Companies will charge you a small fortune to go on overnight ghost hunts with them, but please be aware that there are con-men out there. We advise you to do some checking up on the company you are going to use, before you part with your money. Remember genuine ghost hunters will be very friendly, happy to answer any questions you have and they will not promise you loads of activity or even ghost sightings, they will simply say that hopefully you will see or at least experience something on the night.

ghosthunters Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Most Haunted

most haunted live Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunters

ghost hunters31 Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

We would also advise you join a ghost hunting group or organisation before you even think about going it alone, they have all the insurance, they check the venue out health and safety wise, get all the permissions and they buy all the expensive equipment, but you can if you want buy some of your own equipment to take along with you.

ghost hunting kit Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

And also remember never to go ghost hunting on your own (it’s dangerous), without prior permission from whomever owns the land or property and always tell somewhere where you are going.

Here is some equipment you can look at or buy and more information on how it works…..

Read more here…

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