Four real Life Hannibal Lecters

What makes murderers or serial killers kill? What about eating the flesh of their victims? Are cannibal serial killers a product of our modern society? Is it their upbringing or was it always in them from the beginning? Nature or nurture? Here are some of history’s most horrible and terrifying cannibal serial killers and please remember there are plenty more roaming free after serving their sentences.

1. Nicolas Claux – aka “the Vampire of Paris”

Nicolas Claux cannibal serial killer


DOB :-  22nd March 1972

Occupation:-  Mortician’s Assistant

Religion:- Devil Worshipper/Satanist

Hobbies: hardcore S&M, slasher films, painting and reading autopsy, forensic science and true crime novels

Nicolas Claux was arrested on November 15,1994. He murdered Thierry Bissonnier, 34, on the 4th October 1994 and was sentenced to 12 years for murder, grave robbing and numerous lesser charges with no mention of cannibalism though…

He was then released early on the 22nd March 2002.

Some of the grisly things he claims he did include robbing bones from graves, taking flesh from dead people at the mortuary where he worked so he could cook it at home and eat it, stealing blood from hospitals so he could make shakes (a mix of  blood, protein powder and people’s ashes will get you further than steroids!).

There are also rumors that he killed another 7 people also in October 1994 but this has never been proven as most of the stories (that included him immersing himself in the putrefying remains of a corpse and eating the flesh) were dismissed on the count of lack of evidence. They say he was pretty intelligent, so he’s got that in common with Dr. Lecter.

Read more here…

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