The 15 Funniest Animal Themed Cars

Road safety campaigners are also trying to get in on the act too. They are lobbying  for cars to be made to look more like animals and for pedestrians  to use reflective markers that highlight the way they move.

Supposedly according to their studies our brains are still so genetically programmed to unconsciously detect the movement of animals, rather than inanimate objects such as cars.

An American study has shown that our brains still carry the visual priorities of our ancestors, ie. hunter-gatherers and can easily track a tiger or a rabbit, but is less likely to notice cars or trucks movement.

One expert says that painting cars to look more like animals will increase our awareness of them and could decrease the number of deaths on our roads. Another states that pedestrians could do more to stay visible at night, basically he wants us to wear either tiny lights on joints and limbs or maybe even reflective strips to show drivers more of our movement. He even goes as far as saying we put lights on bikes,  reflective collars on cats and dogs, but we rarely do anything ourselves to keep us safe while walking at night.

Now onto more amusing things….

The Art Car which is a car that has been highly painted or modified to resemble something else, in this case it’s animals…

Read more here…

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