Top 10 Diabetic Chocolates for Christmas

Diabetic chocolate

We all know that diabetics have to avoid sugar, so therefore chocolate is normally a big no no.

They can however curb their cravings for chocolate with diabetic chocolate. These taste nearly as good, but I have been told from a reliable source that if you eat too many of these all in one go, they can have you running for the loo, as the replacement sugar can sometimes have a laxative effect.

These sugar substitutes which are know as artificial sweeteners duplicate the taste of sugar, have less calories than normal sugar, so therefore are ideal for diabetics or people looking to watch their weight too.

These sugar substitutes which you can get from  natural or artificial sources allow diabetics to have sweet treats such as chocolate safely without the risk of messing up their blood sugar levels. They are also slow release allowing diabetics blood sugar levels to remain more stable  over time. Lots of companies now cater for diabetics with special ranges of chocolates that are made with these sugar substitutes and some companies even specialise in just diabetic chocolates.

Here are our Top 10 Diabetic chocolates for Christmas

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