Top 20 European Halloween Destinations

Halloween probably originated from the Celtic celebration of Summers End called “Samhain” and pronounced “Sar Ven” or “Sow Een”. The Celts believed that at Samhain the ether that separates our world from the underworld becomes thinner and that it is easier for spirits to pass between worlds, both good and evil. To ward off so called evil spirits they dressed up in scary costumes and disguised themselves with grotesque masks, to avoid being harmed.
The name Halloween supposedly originated from the Scottish “All-Hallows-Even”(Evening) meaning the night before All Hallows Day (1st November) or All Saints Day as we know it by now. So whether you are looking for a short city break or something a bit more spooky for Halloween, you should be able to find something here. There is something for everyone, even the kids!

1. Denmark :- Trivoli Gardens, Trivoli, Copenhagen

1 Trivoli Gardens Top 20 European Halloween Destinations
These gardens are transformed in the middle of October (Autumn Holidays) into a magical and haunting Halloween land, full of scarecrows, witches and pumpkins.

Looks Fantastic!!!

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