Top 20 Sexiest Vampires

First an explanation about how vampires came about……..

Vampires date back to possibly prehistoric times but became more popular in the 18th century  in Western Europe.They are classified as mythological beings who consume the essence of other living creatures by biting their victims necks and drinking their blood.

Probably one of the most famous vampires is Count Dracula from Bram Stokers novel written in 1897.This book was the beginning of a whole genre of vampire books,movies,television series and games.

As we all know vampires have an aversion to Holy Water,Crucifixes and garlic.They can be killed by a wooden stake thrust or hammered through their heart,then cutting their head off,stuffing garlic in their mouth  and then burning their body,which all seems a bit  over the top to me but is deemed necessary in certain books and of course in the movies depicting these creatures.

Vampires are cunning,physically stronger than humans,they also move much faster than we do,they show no emotions nor feel any regret therefore making them one of the most frightening and perfect predators on the planet.

According to some books or articles written about them not all vampires are blood thirsty killers,there are a few that seem to still express their human emotions and do seem to show mercy on their victims.There seem to be even more portrayed in movies or in tv series that seem to show a softer side.Some that do not prey on humans but instead steal blood from human blood banks,prey on animals or even drink some kind of blood substitute.

So are all vampires evil ? I don’t think so. Will we ever discover them hiding among us ? Who knows. But i bet they are there watching and waiting……………………..

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