Top 40 Carved Pumpkins

History behind this Halloween Tradition

The tradition of using vegetables as lanterns, normally turnips or swedes was thought to have begun in Ireland. These vegetables were carved into hideous faces, they were placed on the doorstep or in the windows of houses to welcome dead loved ones home and also to ward off evil or malicious spirits. Later the tradition changed to using pumpkins as they were easier to carve and more readily available than in previous years.

In the USA however carved pumpkins were associated with the harvest season and nothing to do with what we now see as a traditional part of the Halloween celebrations.
Nowadays Halloween and pumpkin carving is mainly for kids, but there are also many adults that celebrate and enjoy this spooky night. Dressing up, apple bobbing, trick or treating, making jack-o’-lanterns and of course all those Halloween parties are all just our modern take on celebrating Halloween.

We look out for pumpkins in house windows or outside the front door, as it’s normally a good indicator that they celebrate Halloween and you can go trick or treating there. I would say it’s sort of an invitation to visit there with the kids all dressed up in their spooky costumes to receive sweets in exchange for not playing a trick on them.

There seems to be so many pumpkin carving competitions, attempts at breaking the World Record for the biggest or the most carved pumpkins in one place that we thought we would enlighten you with just a few awesome carved pumpkins.

So here is our Top 40 carved pumpkins (in no particular order)

Read more here…

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