Top 10 Flight Scenes in Movies

We all have our favourite Aviation related Movies, whether they are action ones New Movies like Top Gun, Disaster Movies where planes crash or explode or even Horror Movies like Final Destination , where death is just one step behind you…

These types of Movies all have the power to strike up fear in most of us, we all seem to have this primal fear inside us, the fear of falling. Or in the case of flying crashing or exploding in mid-air. I myself love these kinds of Films, as I always wanted to be in the Air Force, which I never got to do, but I can always dream. Or of course watch one of these Movies !!

Here are out Top 10 Flight Scenes from Movies…

Air Force One

Air Force One the 1997 Movie, starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Glen Close.

The President (Ford) Struggles to regain control of Air Force One after Russian hi-jackers take over the plane. But he has a difficult decision to make, does he give in to their demands and release their Russian General or does he stand and fight to rescue his Wife and Daughter.

Read more here…

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