Ghost Ships

A Ghost Ship can be one of many things. A vessel that has been found adrift without any trace of the crew or where they have all turned up dead in unexplainable circumstances.
A Phantom or Ghostly Ship told in tales by old Sea Dogs, these are know sunken vessels that appear then mysteriously vanish before their eyes and strike terror in the hearts of those who witness these apparitions. No sane person of course would set foot upon these Phantom Ships for fear of what may happen to them, but some driven by greed would still try to take what is obviously not theirs. Some even tell tales of how these ships are cursed and any that see them or try to salvage them would be doomed to die a horrid death aboard the ship!
Many people still to this day believe that to glimpse one of these Ghost Ships that it is an omen of death to the one whom sees it…

There are hundreds of these so called Ghost ships recorded in history and they cover every aspect of ghostly and mysterious things you could think of, but are they just ramblings of mad sailors whom have been at sea for too long or are they a strange phenomenon that truly happens just like a tape recording that plays over and over in the correct conditions, just like some people say ghosts do?
Well we will never know until we actually glimpse one ourselves…But the Movie Industry would have us believe that they are dark and horror filled ships that are just waiting to kill you in some hideous way, but of course not everyone always believes the hype!

So here are some Ghost Ships, some real and others from the Movies…

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a ship manned by a Captain whom is eternally set to sail the seas forever. The ship itself is cursed and may never make port again. Stories dating back to 1795 tell of the crew being responsible for a horrid crime and their punishment was to be forever adrift on the Seven seas. Many whom have seen the Flying Dutchman tell of a ghostly light all around it with foul weather alongside it, or that it leads a Hurricane across the seas to devastate all those ships in her path. Many see her as a vision of impending doom…

Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste is one of the biggest Maritime mysteries ever told. She was discovered adrift in the Atlantic Ocean on December 1872. No passengers or crew were ever found and only one lifeboat was missing, which would point to some sort of problem with the ship…But the cargo was virtually untouched, supplies were intact, the crew were very able seamen and nothing seemed to be wrong with the ship. Even personal belongings were still all laid out aboard her. So where did they all vanish to?
Her crew’s fate still remains a mystery to this day…

Supernatural, Red Sky at Morning

Sam, Dean  and ( I’m only in it for the money) Bela, struggle against the clock in this Supernatural episode, Red Sky at Morning. Where drownings on dry land follow sightings of a mysterious Ghost ship, that only appears every 37 years.

Red sky at Morning clip

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl

Join Johnny Depp as the hilarious Captain Jack Sparrow on this high seas Pirate adventure. Where Jack is trying to regain his beloved ship the Black Pearl from his nemesis Captain Barbossa, played by Geoffrey Rush. Also starring Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Ghost Ship

When Salvager’s discover a 1962 passenger ship floating adrift on the Bering Sea, they claim it as their own and decide to tow it towards shore.But as they do strange things start to happen and they soon become trapped inside the vessel by a Demonic force.

Ghost Ship Clip

Carroll A Deering

The five masted Schooner was found run aground at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in 1921. There is a huge mystery surrounding her and how she ended up there, so much so that six departments of the US Government investigated her final journey. Some say that she was a victim of the Bermuda Triangle, as dozens ships vanished or sank in that area within two weeks… although now evidence points to either piracy or a mutiny on board

The Octavius

The Octavius was a vessel  found near Greenland in 1775. When found no one seemed to be aboard and the ship seemed to be just adrift, but upon further inspection the crew were found below deck. They were all frozen still in whatever they had been doing and perfectly preserved. They found the Captain at his desk in his cabin, along with a mother and young boy seemingly asleep under a blanket and one of the deck hands trying to light the fire. But they also supposedly recovered a log book, in which the last entry was 11th November 1762. Which means the Octavius was lost in the Arctic for 13 years…

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle which is also know as the Devil’s Triangle is located in the Atlantic and although it ‘s actual location varies from Author to Author, the most popular position is between Miama, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda itself. The Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the disappearance and mysterious sinking of numerous ships and even aircraft around that area. Numerous Ghost Ships tales have supposedly originated from the Bermuda Triangle and many different explanations have been put forward on this dark place, such as the paranormal and magnetic fields or magnetic storms to even alien abductions.
However this is one of the biggest and most used trade routes for ships and aircraft, so is it just the law of averages at play here…

Thanks for  taking the time to read Ghost Ships x
Until Next Time…

Demon Chickxx

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  1. You can make things sound soo interesting, and give a brief bit of information enough to keep you wonderings thank you Demon Chick your a great help!

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