10 Awesome Owls

When most of us think about owls, we think about the ‘hoot hoot’ on old cowboy films or a silent night stalker, swooping down to claim it’s next victim, virtually invisible in the darkness. But that is not true of all owls,  as some owls like the Barn Owl are often seen hunting along hedgerows during the day quite often. These beautiful pale hunters scour the long grass below them, in search of tasty morsels, such as rodents.

This is the owl’s version of our sausage sandwich!
Other owls too don’t always make the traditional hoot hoot you hear in the old movies either. Some make awful high pitched screeching noises that are really spooky sounding on a night time. We have some that really frighten our cats at night time near our home.

The rule of thumb, so I have been told (not sure whether this is fact or fiction) is that the louder the hoot the smaller the owl. So the ones that screech like other birds of prey are supposedly the biggies. Owls normally hunt small mammals, insects and other smaller birds but some eat frogs or even specialize in hunting fish!

They have excellent hearing and very good long distant (binocular) vision which is brilliant for seeing in low light conditions. They do however have to turn their heads to change their view as they have eyes which are fixed in their sockets. So it’s a good job they can turn their heads so far around, as freaky looking as it is!

So here are some awesome owls…

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