Awesome Sea Monsters

Sea monsters have been creatures of myth and mystery for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. People telling tales of giant squid or octopus have been around for ages too, with olden day sailors terrified that they would encounter one of these huge beasts while on their epic round the world voyages.

Even movies old and new have cashed in on these tales of watery beasts hidden in the depths. Showing giant squid like beasts pulling down huge ships on Pirates of the Caribbean and sailors chasing down huge white whales in Moby Dick. Inevitably, this all just amplifies our fears of what’s lurking beneath us in our seas dark depths.
Have you considered what lurks beneath the surface of our Oceans whilst on the Dover to Calais ferry?
The Loch Ness Monster is one of the worlds most famous Sea Monsters  with hundreds of sightings and photos being reported over the years. Are these massive creatures that people are seeing real or just elaborate hoaxes?

The most common thought is that they are groups of other smaller animals such as seals and fish or they could even be something like unusual looking whales. Whatever they are, they are out there in the murky depths just waiting to be discovered!

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