Weirdest Things People Take on Trains

How many times have you got onto a crowded train to be faced with a person carrying a cello or something else equally as bulky? You try your best to squeeze past as best you can but you end up battered and bruised for your efforts, so you give in and just stand where you got on, between the two carriages. It’s the story of my life. But have you ever seen someone trying to transport something totally weird on a train? Like a huge rug or maybe a big wood carving and thought, “maybe they shouldn’t have bought that considering they knew they were transporting it via a train?”

Lost train tickets turn up in the most weird places! Source.

I have even see crowds of people crammed onto trains with armfuls and bagfuls of gorgeous plants and flowers. This happens every year after all the big flower shows such as Chelsea and Gardeners World. But I bet you haven’t seen some of these that are listed below which are some of the weirdest things to take on a train and the people who take them on there must just be crazy!

So here are the weirdest things people take on trains…

Read more here…

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