Worlds Most Expensive Perfumes

I think it’s fair to say that most us strive to look good and feel at our best each day whether that’s via makeup, cosmetic surgery nip tucks (some may go a little far with this one) or a really good diet involving healthy eating and lots of exercise. Whatever the desired effect, there are hundreds of products available out there to help us achieve what is perceived as ultimate perfection. But what about smelling good too?

According to scientists, the way we smell effects who is attracted to us and how other people interact with us. When we wear perfume the scent changes slightly from one wearer to another and it’s all to do with how our pheromones react when the perfume is applied. So even if we buy and wear the same scent as some else, they will always smell somewhat different.

Perfume can change our mood and have a positive influence on how we feel about ourselves. But how much would you spend on a typical bottle? £20? £40? Maybe even a little more for a special occasion?

Penelope Cruz looking fab applying her Mascara. I bet she smells great as she can afford the most expensive brands.


But what about celebrities and the uber rich. Do they simply use their own brand of perfume or do they opt for some one else’s entirely? I have a feeling they would opt for the best of the best and not the stuff they put out there for us mere commoners to buy with our tiny budgets.

So here is a list of the most expensive perfumes in the world going by the cost per oz….

Read more here….

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