I am using this site as my portfolio and will be uploading more of more work real soon….So let me tell you a little more about myself!

Article Writing

Demon Chick is the name that I write under when I’m writing Articles or Blogs. I have been writing Articles and Content for well over a year for some well know Companies through an Advertising/Social Media company, this is some of the work that I will be showcasing on this site. I have written about various different things from animals to Horror Movies and everything in between.

Infernus Media
Infernus Media is a new company I have set up to replace Demon Chick xx

Social Media Services

I will be offering services mainly around Content/Article writing including links to other sites (mainly for advertising purposes) and I will also be offering other services such as Web Design, Social Media, including setting up pages on Facebook and Twitter…..and much more!!!

I’m interested in anything Supernatural (including the TV Series) anything from Apparitions to weird Animals! I love reading and my favourite types of books are Horror Novels, True Crime books and books about Mysterious places or the Unexplained. Many Of my friends also think I’m a bit mad!!!

Demon Chick xx

To contact me for a detailed quote please ring me on  07734 461481 or Email me at either vampirebunnyno1@gmail.com or jones_craig12@sky.com

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