10 Movies That Blew Up The Most Cars In The Making

When I look at these Movies nowadays with big action scenes, lots of big car chases and of course the total destruction that follows, I cringe…but yes I do enjoy them, maybe not as much as my horror flicks, but I quite often watch them, especially when my hubby and I are into cars.
I myself love cars, especially old muscle cars and love these kinds of Movies, such as XXX with Vin Diesel (yummy !) and Bad Boys starring Will Smith, but the poor cars, these beautiful machines they destroy…all for a few seconds of pleasure. It makes me want to cry !

Bad Boys

These Movies tend to draw in the crowds at the Box Office and do end up making everyone lots of money, but what happens to these battered and broken cars at the end of filming ?
Do these Movie big-wigs ever think of the environmental side of smashing up loads of cars and disposing of the crumpled pile of metal when everything is over ?

I would love to know if they actually use the true cars in the crash scenes or are they just kit cars or specially (cheaply) constructed fakes that they destroy. I have heard that some Movies use a cheap chassis with the correct vehicle shell, which they then adapt and modify to do stunts or of course to blow up etc.

But other ones such as the Bond Movies use freebie cars from the likes of Aston Martin. In Casino Royale, the scene where Bond (Daniel Craig) flips the Aston along the road before being captured and tortured by Le Chiffre, they totalled 3 of these beauties and they weren’t cheap mock ups either. They were the real deal. The sacrifices car manufacturers make for advertising in movies…

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Lands End to John OGroats by Motorbike

My Dad and his friend are planning to do this next year, maybe in the summer. It has always been one of their dreams, so I thought I would do a little research for my own curiosity and to give them a few ideas.They won’t of course be travelling the direct route via motorways etc, they will also be taking time to visit some places on the way and possibly even doing a walk or two.

I have decided to write it up into an article for everyone who is thinking about doing this journey, just to give some tips and point out some lovely places to visit along the way.

Motorbike travel 1 Lands End to John OGroats by Motorbike

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Fashion Made Famous By Movies

We all know that in the world of advertising you have to be one step ahead all the way and must use every trick in the book to help sell whatever you are advertising, it’s no good just sitting on your laurels and hoping for the best or thinking that people will be so taken with your product that it will just fly off the shelves.So you need to get either someone famous on board that loves your product and is willing to endorse it. Or even better give it away to TV shows or movies to use on set as props, yes it will cost you a few of the products but it is free advertising and if it turns out to be a big hit (like Sex and the City) you are on to an absolute winner, because the general public and celebrities will be falling over themselves trying to get some of what you are selling.

Jimmy Choo Atlas patent sandals £450


Sex in the City is a fashion trend all of it’s own, everyone who is a big fan and even celebrities want to look just like the girls Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda and it’s set to continue for a while with the recent release of Sex in the City 2.

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Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting these days is big business,especially with all these TV shows at the moment like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters (TAPS). Companies will charge you a small fortune to go on overnight ghost hunts with them, but please be aware that there are con-men out there. We advise you to do some checking up on the company you are going to use, before you part with your money. Remember genuine ghost hunters will be very friendly, happy to answer any questions you have and they will not promise you loads of activity or even ghost sightings, they will simply say that hopefully you will see or at least experience something on the night.

ghosthunters Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Most Haunted

most haunted live Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunters

ghost hunters31 Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

We would also advise you join a ghost hunting group or organisation before you even think about going it alone, they have all the insurance, they check the venue out health and safety wise, get all the permissions and they buy all the expensive equipment, but you can if you want buy some of your own equipment to take along with you.

ghost hunting kit Best Equipment for Ghost Hunting

And also remember never to go ghost hunting on your own (it’s dangerous), without prior permission from whomever owns the land or property and always tell somewhere where you are going.

Here is some equipment you can look at or buy and more information on how it works…..

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Top 5 Best Car Shows in Europe

For all you car lovers out there, we thought we would write about some of the biggest and best Car Shows here in the UK and in Europe.

These Car Shows show off some of the most gorgeous cars, all in beautiful colours and gleaming like you would not believe. They show case Concept Cars, Cars that are about to be launched into production and some shows are just a collection of enthusiasts that gather together at a certain time of year to show off their pride and joy. Some of these shows are now huge and bring in massive crowds from all over the globe.

So here are some of the Best shows we could find…

British International Motor Show London UK

1 best europe car show Top 5 Best Car Shows in Europe

The first British Motor Show was held by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) at Crystal Palace, London in 1903. It has since moved home a few times, ending up at ExCeL at London’s Docklands in 2008.

The Shows are held every 2 years, with the last Motor Show held in 2008, as the 2010 Show was cancelled due to the economic downturn.

These Motor Shows attract all the big Motor Manufacturers, massive crowds, Celebrities and even Royalty.

In the 2008 Show they even had music from Bands like A-HA, UB40, Roxy Music and Simply Minds, who performed some of their most popular songs.

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Yummy Healthy Xmas Recipes

This article is for you if you are sick of over indulging in all the Xmas food or for after Christmas when you want to loose weight fastor of course if you have promised yourself that you will eat a bit healthier.

This is an easy way to increase your fruit intake and vitamins without having to follow complicated diets or recipes.

So why not try some Fruit Smoothies to give your body a boost of Vitamins and Minerals

Basic and easy fruit

Basic and easy fruit smoothie


Soya milk or Organic semi skimmed milk

Medium banana

Various berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants etc)

Blend in a Blender until smooth, add a few ice cubes and a garnish.

Cranberry and mango smoothie

Ripe mango

200ml or 7fl oz cranberry juice

150ml peach flavoured yogurt

Peel, stone and roughly chop the mango, then place it in a blender with the remaining ingredients. Process until smooth. Add a couple of ice cubes and garnish, serve immediately.

Cranberry yogurt smoothie

250g or 8oz apples

100g frozen cranberries

100ml live natural yogurt

1 tbsp clear honey

Juice the apples and precess in a blender with the other ingredients. Serve in a tumbler over ice cubes.

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Cult Horror Movies Fathers

We all know their names and their iconic films, but did anyone think they would make it back to the big screen ? I didn’t and I certainly didn’t think all four of the most famous horror film makers would make a comeback all in the same year !

Hammer House of Horror is Back….

In the 1950’s through to the 1970’s Hammer Films dominated the horror cinema both here in Britain and worldwide. With Classics  like…

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

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The 15 Funniest Animal Themed Cars

Road safety campaigners are also trying to get in on the act too. They are lobbying  for cars to be made to look more like animals and for pedestrians  to use reflective markers that highlight the way they move.

Supposedly according to their studies our brains are still so genetically programmed to unconsciously detect the movement of animals, rather than inanimate objects such as cars.

An American study has shown that our brains still carry the visual priorities of our ancestors, ie. hunter-gatherers and can easily track a tiger or a rabbit, but is less likely to notice cars or trucks movement.

One expert says that painting cars to look more like animals will increase our awareness of them and could decrease the number of deaths on our roads. Another states that pedestrians could do more to stay visible at night, basically he wants us to wear either tiny lights on joints and limbs or maybe even reflective strips to show drivers more of our movement. He even goes as far as saying we put lights on bikes,  reflective collars on cats and dogs, but we rarely do anything ourselves to keep us safe while walking at night.

Now onto more amusing things….

The Art Car which is a car that has been highly painted or modified to resemble something else, in this case it’s animals…

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Best Nissan Accessories for Winter

Well with winter fast approaching, for all you Nissan drivers or of course Nissan fans out there…think it’s about time you treat yourself or your car to some winter accessories for Christmas this year.

Nissan has a great range of accessories, which can of course be fitted by one of the technicians at your local Nissan Dealership. These accessories are  covered by a 3 year warranty if fitted before you take delivery of your new vehicle. So it pays to purchase these items at the same time as buying your new Nissan…

Best Nissan Accessories 1 Best Nissan Accessories for Winter

If you are looking for anything from  Nissan servicing, Nissanspareparts, new  Nissan cars or accessories try looking at Nissan’s main website, from there you can navigate to downloading brochures or even finding your nearest dealer.

Here are some accessories for winter that I have found on the Internet…

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Top 10 Diabetic Chocolates for Christmas

Diabetic chocolate

We all know that diabetics have to avoid sugar, so therefore chocolate is normally a big no no.

They can however curb their cravings for chocolate with diabetic chocolate. These taste nearly as good, but I have been told from a reliable source that if you eat too many of these all in one go, they can have you running for the loo, as the replacement sugar can sometimes have a laxative effect.

These sugar substitutes which are know as artificial sweeteners duplicate the taste of sugar, have less calories than normal sugar, so therefore are ideal for diabetics or people looking to watch their weight too.

These sugar substitutes which you can get from  natural or artificial sources allow diabetics to have sweet treats such as chocolate safely without the risk of messing up their blood sugar levels. They are also slow release allowing diabetics blood sugar levels to remain more stable  over time. Lots of companies now cater for diabetics with special ranges of chocolates that are made with these sugar substitutes and some companies even specialise in just diabetic chocolates.

Here are our Top 10 Diabetic chocolates for Christmas

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